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Mathematics in Focus 8

Mathematics in Focus 8

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ISBN: 978-971-0389-00-0
AUTHOR/S: Soledad Dilao, Ed. D., Lucia Herrera, Ma. Luisa Tesorio
PAGES: 324 pages
EDITION: K to 12 Edition (First Edition)

Mathematics in Focus is a series of worktext for Junior High School  aligned to  the Department of Education’s K12 Curriculum for Mathematics. Lessons in each worktext are logically and pedagogically sequenced for learning continuity, hence students can conceptualize ideas by themselves with minimum supervision from the teacher. Each worktext provides challenging and exciting activities and exercises for students to work on. 

This book covers the following chapters:

Chapter 1    Special Products and Factors of Polynomials
Chapter 2    Rational Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 3    Linear Functions and their Graphs
Chapter 4    Axiomatic Development of Geometry
Chapter 5    Triangle Congruence
Chapter 6    Inequalities, Parallel Lines and Quadrilaterals
Chapter 7    Measures of Variability

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